Naziv ideje: Fantastic 6

Avtor: Mariana Costa, Nina Košir, Maria Piteira, Dženad Lužić, Bayer Kyra, Maria Margarida Castelo
Dejavnost: Država: Albania Datum vpisa: 05.04.2019
Prenesi predstavitev
Prenesi poslovni načrt

Opis projekta (produkta, storitve)

We are six students who are currently studying at University of Primorska and we are developing this project for the course of Principles of Entrepreneurship.

Our idea came to us for the first time during one of the lectures of the course. Using the 635 method (which we adapted a little that day). We collected many different ideas, which resulted in the two best ideas. It was a power bank for mobile phones that draws energy from the sun and an app that helps people reduce the waste of food and give them new recipes to save time and money. After we had voted on our ideas among ourselves and in class, we quickly agreed that the app was the more feasible idea of both. On the one hand because the development costs are lower and on the other hand because it creates added value for our society. In addition, we all know the problem either from our parents or from our own experience that leftovers are thrown away too often because we either don't know what to do with them or don't have time to make something out of them. During the rest of the lecture, we gained more and more pleasure in our idea. And then our original idea, to create an App that just offers recipes for leftovers from the fridge, has become an App that you can also use in the supermarket. So you don't have to spend hours in front of vegetables, fruit or freezer counters. This annoying problem should be also solved by an additional function, which makes it possible to get a set of complete recipes by entering just one ingredient. During the field researches we found our target group. Women and men between the ages of 20 and 40 who are either working or in a family with children. This is where the need to solve the three central problems (1. lack of imagination, 2. save time and money and 3. waste of food) is the greatest.


Furthermore, we have noticed during the interviews that food is not only thrown away because people have no ideas or no time to cook, but also because they don't know the right amounts. So for example, how much do I have to cook for a family of four people, that everyone gets full there are not two portions left in the end? This gave us the idea, through experiences that users can share among different dishes within the App, to link approximate quantitative information to the individual recipes in order to help users solve this problem.


After we held the first interviews, we received a lot of encouragement for our idea. However at the same time, there were many people who found the idea interesting but did not like the use of this App. So in order to bring cooking closer to these people and to stand out from the competition on the market, we thought about offering cooking courses. Cooking courses, in which people can learn the absolute basics of cooking, or cooking courses that take place at a demanding level and are designed to expand people's culinary experience.


Kje/zakaj rabimo pomoč (denar, znanje, drugi resursi)

 Since our initial idea developed so rapidly, we had to think about whether we could do our ideas on our own. Since we want to offer a high-quality platform with our App and especially to stand out from our competitors, we decided to outsource the technical support. The organisation and implementation of the cooking courses will also be handled by an external service provider. However through the interviews, we became aware that people are not willing to pay much money for our App. That's why we decided to offer the app for free and to earn our money from the income of advertising and the cooking courses. Through partnerships with renowned chefs or well-known influencers, we would like to draw attention to the quality of our App. In order to reach as many customers as possible, our App will be developed for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Tveganja in izzivi realizacije (Risks and challenges)

We face the risk of do not have enough money to design the app and to start with the cooking workshops, or do not make enough profit from it 


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