Naziv ideje: Choco Wrapper

Avtor: Anja Habic, Tina Bratkovič Kregar, Viktorija Trajanova, Tome Kostolomov, Marko Mladenovic, Simon Gumzer
Dejavnost: Država: Slovenia Datum vpisa: 02.04.2019
Prenesi poslovni načrt

Opis projekta (produkta, storitve)

Choco Wrapper Inc was established arround a single problem, which is continously accuring arround the world. The idea was to create a Wrapper which would keep our favourite chocolate from melting, even in the warmest of climates. The wrapper itself would be completely recyclable, which demonstrates our awareness and contributions to keeping the planet healthy and garbage-free.

The features of our wrapper would not affect the authenticity of any chocolate bars, it would feel just like the original wrapper. We want to keep everything as original as possible: the feeling, the colors, the design, etc.

We strongly believe that our product will be a big success on the existing markets, because we offer an unique solution, without drastically changing the appearance of the original wrappers.

Kje/zakaj rabimo pomoč (denar, znanje, drugi resursi)

We would much appreciate any help we can get, especially in the field of Distribution, Web-Page development, Production line, Production process and Advertising.

  • Distribution: The plan is to take advantage of the existing distribution and supply chains/channels, and distribute our product with the help of trusted and well-established suppliers through well developed logistic channels.
  • Web-Page development: Not only do we need a solid, well designed web-page, we also need someone to look after it, to maintain and manage the online part of our business. The possibility of Outsourcing this part of our company is to be determined.
  • Production line/Production process: Firms that specialize in production line assembly and design would help us develop and construct our own production line, with all necessary equipment and machinery. Maintenance and management/further development would be carried out according to the instructions of such company.
  • Advertising: Because our company is targeting B2B market, an Advertising expert would be welcome. All advertising campains would be conducted with supervision from such company.


As for the Monetary help, we would apply for a loan with the Europeean Union, National Banks and try to gain some sponsorship from any mainstream company or producer of chocolate. All real-estate resources would be acquired with the help of an real-estate agency.

Tveganja in izzivi realizacije (Risks and challenges)

Although we would be facing many risks throughout the establishment of our company, as any other company would. Most significant risks:

  • Product/Market fit: We can be as certain as we want to be, but only a test-run will tell us if we have a Must-Have product or not.
  • Supply and demand chain: Being a fairly small company in size can bring many challenges when it comes to Logistic, Administrative and Supply issues.
  • Actual Production Process costs: We do have a fairly good idea about all of the costs involved in our process, some unexpected or overhead costs may be an issue with the first few series of our product.


Challenges are a big part of our company. Not only we are strongly motivated to overcome any challenge that may come our way, we are not affraid of smaller mishaps in order to gain more knowledge and experience in our field. Most significant challenges:

  • Product launch on a wider/international scene, due to Logistic issues.
  • Overcoming certain unexpected obstacles in production process and production line assembly
  • Initial launch of the product, due to our fairly small size and unknown brand amongst larger (for us more important) companies.

Časovnica izvedbe (Timeline)

  • Within the first week from the starting day of our production line, we want to have the first few shipments ready to dispatch and deliver to our first costumers.
  • First month testing faze should bring positive results.
  • Half of the year milestone should show an exponential growth in costumer base, with a significant increase in production and supply.
  • First year shows that we are operating with minimum to normal profit, with ever growing costumer base and upcoming partnerships with significant parties in supply and production.

O nas (Team)

We are a young international team of Management students. We all study and currently live in Koper, Slovenia.

We are:

  • Anja habič - Team manager
  • Viktorija Trajanova
  • Tome Kostolomov
  • Marko Mladenovič
  • Martin Jordanov
  • Simon Gumzer


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