Naziv ideje: Multikulti - Stick-Chip

Avtor: Magdalena Wachnik, Ana Ivankovic, Marija Vukovic, Teodora Kelečević
Dejavnost: Država: Slovenia Datum vpisa: 11.04.2019
Prenesi poslovni načrt

Opis projekta (produkta, storitve)

Our company’s product is a special designed Bluetooth-based keychain that will help people with locating and finding their missing objects. With our product and another needed component- a mobile app, people will stop having a problem with losing their items or forgetting where they have put them. Because of our metal keychain life will be easier and pleasant. And what more- it is not only useful but also fashionable.

Kje/zakaj rabimo pomoč (denar, znanje, drugi resursi)

The goal of our company is to be recognized on the European market. Since there is not many companies which produce such kind of keychain, we are aware of our main competition. We want to gain shares of 1% of the market. That will generate us the revenue of approximately 500 thousands of euro. To achieve so and gain profits we need resources to cover all of the costs.

Our second goal is to be recognized. We want to create a brand people will know and recognize. To do so we are planning on creating the website and plenty of advertisement companies. We want to have our ads on Facebook and Instagram. We are also planning on involve Instagrams influencers.

We are also planning on establishing strong relationships with our key partners. Those will be delivery company and the firm providing us chips with battery. We want to rely on our partners and we want them to trust us. To build a strong bond with them our plan is the have contracts with only one company each kind, not more.

Tveganja in izzivi realizacije (Risks and challenges)

We see our main challenge in getting the recognition. As we found out in our market research, people nowadays are not aware of the existence of a products such as Bluetooth trackers, so we aim to raise that awareness on European market, to show the customers Bluetooth-based trackers are the real thing. The risk here is that even if people seemed very enthusiastic about such products during our market researches, they still may not decide on buying something like this, thinking that they have lived their whole life without such item, but we will do our best to provide them with as much information as possible, so they will eventually decide on giving our product a shot.

Since we are planning to be mostly online selling company. Our competitors are present all around the word. Those are mostly: Lassotag, Chipolo, Tile, TrackR, Stick-N-Find, Wistiki, Linquet, SenseGiz, Pixie, PROTAG and Bringrr Systems. For now their total revenues on the market account for approximately 50 million dollars. And as we mentioned above, people in our surroundings are nor aware of an item such as Bluetooth-based tracking keychain. That is where we see the opportunity. All we need to do is to make a good advertisement campaign.

Časovnica izvedbe (Timeline)

Our first task after getting financial resources is to employ the IT person to design and lead our website and buy a warehouse and production line machines. After that the plan is to order chips and batteries. Our process will consist of the production phase and then collecting online orders and sending them to customers. Then it will be that for hiring people for the keychains assembling. In a while, we will start with advertising. First step in this area is a YouTube and Facebook adveristment. We will post there on our pages the video advertisement of our product. After that we will publish sponsored posts on Instagram and involve Instagrams influencers. They will get from us free units in order to promote our product on their profiles. Our management team will take care of the orders, which includes collecting them, packing and sending.

Among the goals of our company is constant growth of gross sales revenues, added value per employee and profit. We aim to reach more and more market share every year. With our team, we are planning on an increase of 5% in sales and revenues in the second and third year.

O nas (Team)

Our team consists of 4 your university students driven by passion and a need to help people. We want to help others with a daily struggle that appears when you cannot find your wallet or keys. We also want to prevent you from leaving them in the door or on simply on a bench. We are very creative and open management team. All we did so far we did on our own, which includes also the design of a keychain. We wanted it to be not only useful but fashionable. We devote ourselves completely to the company, so we spend every time we can to make it work the best. We are the ones taking care of hiring people and also taking care of orders. We want to be the ones receiving customers feedbacks so we do not want to have any third party person managing them.


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